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Webinar: "How to moderate in Zoom - what does it entail, why is it important and how does it work"

This Lunch 'n' Learn will bring up challenges when moderating Zoom meetings along with suggestions on how to handle them. The typical case that will be brought up is the digital online lecture. The webinar is based on the premise that the moderator is the one who assists a lecturer, but it will also be valuable for those who handle Zoom on their own during an online lecture.

Time: Wed 2020-10-14 12.15 - 13.00

Location: Online via Zoom:

Participating: Björn Ström

The webinar is divided into two parts, where the first part includes a short review of why it is important to know how to moderate in a online lecture classroom, when it is not as important in the physical classroom. The second part addresses suggestions for different moderation techniques and the tools available in Zoom to support them.

Note that this is more or less the same webinar that was given (in Swedish) on the 16/9, but this time it will be held in English. The webinar will be recorded.

Presenter: Björn Ström, Unit of Digital Learning, KTH.

Please note: You connect to the webinar via the Zoom-link above. No need to install anything, but sound and video quality becomes better if you install and connect via the Zoom client/app on your computer .

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Last changed: Nov 03, 2020