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Time to nominate teachers for the university board

Man in blue shirt standing in a corridor.
Per Berglund, chairman of the election committee, is looking forward to the start of the nomination process. Photo: Jon Lindhe
Published Nov 11, 2022

From now, all employees at KTH will have the possibility to nominate teachers for the university board. A total of three teachers will be elected as board members. "Teachers offer an extremely important perspective," says Per Berglund, chairman of the election committee.

The current teacher representatives were elected three years ago, and now it’s time to nominate candidates for a new election. It’s a prestigious and important assignment where you get to participate in and influence KTH as a public authority. Per Berglund, chairman of the election committee, emphasizes the importance of taking part and having an influence.

“The University Board consists of several external members from the business world, among others. Together with the president, our teacher-members will represent KTH’s core activities – education and research. So, the teachers offer an extremely important perspective.”

Why should I, as an employee, get involved in the nomination process?
“It is a very important part of KTH. Having overall responsibility, the board thus plays a decisive role in many issues. Being involved in and influencing the nomination process affects the whole of KTH and has great significance in how KTH will look in the future.”

What does it mean to be a member of the university board?
“The role involves taking responsibility for the whole of KTH, together with the other board members. It is an assignment you will learn a lot from, in terms of both working on the board, and about KTH itself. It is a large university and when you’re involved in the daily running of the business, it’s not always so easy to see the big picture. You can really do that here. That may sound like a heavy burden, but it isn’t. The board meets roughly three times per semester.”

Who can you nominate?
“You can nominate any professor or lecturer who is employed at least half time at KTH. It is an open nomination process so you can also nominate yourself,” says Per Berglund, laughing.

“In parallel with the nomination process, the election committee then screens candidates before proposing three candidates who are presented in mid-February, shortly before the election takes place.”

Quick facts about the nomination process

  • Three teachers take a seat on the university board, which consists of 15 people in total
  • Members are elected for three years
  • You can nominate a candidate through December 2, 2022
  • The election committee will present its candidates on February 14, 2023
  • Voting takes place from the 6 to the 12 of March, 2023
  • The new board takes office on May 1, 2023

Text: Annelie Englund

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Last changed: Nov 11, 2022