Health and Wellness during Working Hours

Published Jun 11, 2019

Surely you’re aware that as an employee of KTH, you have the right to spend one working hour per week on a health and wellness activity? What do you usually do during your wellness hour? Here some KTH colleagues share their own health and wellness activities, as an inspiration to get started.

Everything you need to know about the wellness hours and KTH's wellness promotion subsidy.

Jenny Minnema at School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)

"Floorball with the guys is the highlight of the week"

Jenny Minnema:

“My wellness hour is the absolute highlight of my week. I get to run around until I sweat like crazy, get an outlet for any frustration, and at the same time I can socialise (read: compete) with colleagues who I might not have gotten to otherwise.

From 11-12 every Friday, the KTH Hall is awash in blood, sweat and 110 % serious sport, as ten male researchers and I hit the boards for an hour of floorball. Things can get rough on the court, but there’s always good vibes and a lovely Friday feeling afterwards!”

Peter Mattson at KTH Campus Södertälje

"It’s easy to exercise when the gym is nearby"

For the staff at KTH Södertälje, it is almost hard to avoid exercising. The Aktiverum fitness centre is located right next door, and features a pool, gym and group exercise rooms.

Peter Mattson is an IT-AV technician and is among the employees who pump iron during their wellness hour.

 “I exercise a lot in my spare time. Afterwards, I feel a sense of calm throughout my body,” says Peter. “It's great that we get this extra hour during working hours!”

Aktiverum is run by AstraZeneca, which collaborates with KTH on various projects. Another KTH partner, Scania, also has access to the fitness centre, so in addition to a taut body, visitors get the chance to make exciting encounters with new people.

Kjell Carli and Gunilla Iverfelt at GVS, KTH Campus

"It´s lovely to run in Lill-Jansskogen with colleagues"  

Kjell Carli and Gunilla Iverfelt:

“It's lovely to go for a run in Liljansskogen in the summertime, when the weather’s like this, the sun is shining and the days have gotten warmer again. It’s fantastic to have this big, beautiful forest area so close to the workplace. There are plenty of good jogging trails.

A few colleagues in our department try to go running together during lunchtime every now and then. It’s a diverse crowd. Sometimes there are many of us, and sometimes there are just a few runners. The whole thing is very simple. We pull on our sneakers and run for about three kilometers together in the forest. The terrain is varied, with plenty of uphill and downhill slopes. The circuit usually ends with ‘Killer Hill’ – a real uphill climb.

We always have fun together and talk about everything under the sun during our exercise session. It’s cool to cheer each other on.”

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