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Greater digitisation support for teachers

Published Mar 24, 2020

As of week 12, all higher education teaching in Sweden will take place remotely in order to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus. KTH is therefore extending its digitisation support and appointing a special workgroup to provide training and operational support to teachers in respect of digital teaching and examination.

The special workgroup is responsible for communicating, coordinating prioritising all KTH digital systems support and resources to provide consistent digital support for teachers. The group will be working with initiatives such as webinars, updating of training materials, personal supervision and solutions applied throughout KTH.

With this decision, KTH’s existing e-learning operations will be extended to include two new teams; one for digital examination and one for online meetings, videos and streaming. We are also taking on new staff for educational supervision and IT support purposes so that we can meet the increased demand for support that has come about due to digitisation of teaching.

All KTH tools can be found on the e-learning intranet pages . Guides and webinars that will be taking place can also be found here. This page is updated regularly.

E-learning - services and support for teachers

Remote examination


For help with IT issues, e-mail KTH's IT support .

For help with educational issues, e-mail KTH's e-learning unit.

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Last changed: Mar 24, 2020