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Report risk observations for a better working environment

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Published Apr 28, 2023

It is felt that not enough of the risks and near misses in the working environment at KTH are reported, even though a new system for simple, efficient reporting was introduced in 2021. The hope is that more people will discover and use the organisation’s Information System about Work Environment, known as the IA System.

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“When more people know to report occurrences in the working environment and what to do, we hope that more risk observations and near misses will be reported, so we can prevent actual accidents from happening,” says Mikael Visén. Photo: Theresia Körlin.

Mikael Visén, an HR Specialist working with health and safety issues at KTH, says he is sure that KTH is good at taking action when something happens in our working environment but that there needs to be more reporting of risks and near misses.

“Having more reports enables us to see patterns in the kind of incidents that occur and make changes on a more strategic level, rather than just dealing with each case.”

Forty-five risk observations were reported at KTH in 2022.

“Since we can prevent future accidents by taking action on risks, we, an organisation, need to be better at reporting observed risks in the working environment. The goal for 2023 is that all risk observations at KTH should be reported.”

Blocked emergency exits or working alone are examples of risks in the working environment.

An incident or near miss is when something happens, and no one is injured, but it could have led to an accident or ill health. Examples are a cupboard becoming detached from the wall, a threatening situation, or a chemical spill.

How it works:
The IA System enables anyone working, studying or otherwise connected to KTH to report risks and occurrences relating to the working environment using a digital form.
The supervising manager immediately receives the report in the organisation-wide system, and also receives an automated email about the occurrence.

“For managers, health and safety representatives and others who work in investigating, actioning and following up on occurrences, the IA System is an effective tool, since it keeps everything related to the reported occurrences in a single system,” says Visén.

During May, the HR department will offer training in the IA System for relevant staff groups.

Reporting near misses, risks and occupational injuries

Text: Katarina Ahlfort/Marianne Norén

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Last changed: Apr 28, 2023