Support and tools for video in teaching

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Published May 28, 2020

When KTH switched overnight to distance teaching, exams and lectures moved from classrooms to digital video rooms and streaming channels. To help teachers in this work, guides and instructional videos, technical support and educational support are all available.

In the transition to distance teaching, computer and video equipment have become absolutely crucial tools for being able to continue teaching students. Even when the day comes that the campus reopens, it is expected that KTH’s teaching will consist largely of recorded lectures and digital workshops.

At KTH, teachers can obtain support in recording and processing your video and, for example, get advice on which tools can be used. KTH's IT department assists in matters of technical support while educational support is provided by the Digital Learning Unit. In March, resources from IT and the Department of Learning were mobilised in a temporary team to provide extra support in the areas of video and streaming.

Video recording tools

There are various options available to a teacher who wants to start recording and publishing video. IIt is possible to produce own recordings in KTH’s lecture theatres using the pre-installed equipment in the rooms. Recording takes place through KTH Play in the Kaltura system.

To record somewhere else, for example from home, use PowerPoint or Zoom together with a webcam or smartphone, and edit the screen recording in a video editing program, such as Camtasia, PowerPoint or Kaltura.

“We’ve published guides and instructional videos explaining how to record video using the different tools . They also provide you with tips and inspiration about using video in your teaching,” says Hannes Hagstrand, who works with video in the Department of Digital Course Development and is a member of the team offering extra video support. “We’ve also given several Lunch ’n’ Learn webinars about recording videos, and these are then made available to view on the intranet. The next webinar on 28 May will be about video editing .”

Ways to find support and assistance

Guides explaining everything from video technology to educational media support and recommendations is published on the intranet pages for e-learning . When in need of personal guidance and support, e-mail KTH’s e-learning support.

"But if you need help in technical matters, for example with recording technology available at campus or questions about KTH Play (Kaltura), contact IT Support ", says Håkan Westlund, Technical Support at KTH's common operational support.

Areas under consideration in future include subtitles for videos and forms of teaching in which some students are present, while others are involved remotely.

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Last changed: May 28, 2020