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The "Storträff" on May 12 will be a digital gathering.

The next "Storträff" event will be held on the web

Published May 04, 2020

The "Storträff" event scheduled for 12 May will take place over Zoom, and one of the themes is likely to be the adaptation of KTH’s education programmes in response to the pandemic.
“This means that more people can participate, which will make the gathering even more inclusive,” say Anna-Karin Högfeldt and Viggo Kann, who are spearheading the practical preparations.

Viggo Kann Photo: Christer Gummeson

The gathering is well-established at KTH. Each semester, members of the management team, teachers and other employees, various network and working groups and students assemble at these meet-ups to discuss the development of KTH’s education programmes.

“This forum allows the entire organisation to share ideas and opinions about issues related to education and current affairs at KTH. In this way, the "Storträff" events serve as a valuable discussion arena for the quality assurance of the education programmes,” says Viggo Kann, Professor of Computer Science and Director of Studies at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Although it is of course being held remotely, this spring's "Storträff" takes a traditional approach, with a number of round tables and a ‘smorgasbord’ of discussion topics from which to choose.

Anna-Karin Högfeldt Photo: Marc Femenia

“The main issues of the day will be coloured by the digitalisation and the rapid changes in education that KTH has had to implement in the course of this semester,” says Anna-Karin Högfeldt, a teacher and doctoral student in the field of technical education research at the School of Industrial Engineering and Management.

She stresses that the "Storträff" gathering will provide an opportunity for valuable discussions about what experiences from this unusual spring both employees and students can take with them into the future.

Viggo Kann on the gathering’s value for the participants:

“You get a chance to influence the issues about which you are passionate, because you talk to others and have the management’s ear. Many people find it valuable to share their own experiences and get the chance to speak with colleagues from other parts of KTH. It allows one to gain both insights and outlooks.”

Normally the "Storträff" gatherings bring together around 150 people in Ångdomen on the KTH Campus. Now that the gathering will be held digitally, more participants can be accommodated.

“We want to open the eyes of many people from KTH’s campuses to the value of the "Storträff" gatherings. The hope is that now that the gathering is taking place remotely, even more teachers from all our campuses will be able to participate,” says Anna-Karin Högfeldt.

The introduction to the "Storträff "(addressed to the entire group) and some of the round table discussions will be conducted in English. It is hoped that this will increase participation among KTH's foreign employees.

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