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Time to retire

When you have decided to retire, there are some things which you need to consider, for instance you have to inform your manager about your plans. It can also be a good thing to make a forecast and think through how you want to take out your pension

The Pensioners Association, KTH Seniors

Welcome to a pleasant community, KTH Seniors, an association for former KTH employees.

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Information meetings – learn more about your pension

SPV (the National Government Employee Pensions Board) visits some cities for lectures during the fall. The lectures are coordinated with the Swedish Pensions Agency so that employees get both information about the general public pension and the occupational pension. All lectures are free of cost. Are you 55 plus and considering retirement?

Read here for more information meetings and web seminars

Before you apply

Your occupational pension consists of three parts. When and how you take out you pension varies.

Before you apply at

How you apply

The different parts varies from each other. Some of the parts you need to apply for, and some you get automatically.

The selectable part

Different insurers may manage your money. You apply the selectable part from the insurer who manages your money.

How you apply the selectable part at

Kåpan Occupational Pension

If you need to apply or not, depends on which age you want to take out your pension and for how long a period.

How you apply for Kåpan Tjänst at

Defined benefit retirement pension

If you are entitled to a defined benefit retirement pension, the National Government Employee Pensions Board (SPV) will contact you about seven months before you reach you pension age and ask you if you are going to continue to work or if you are going to retire.

If you choose to retire, you will receive a letter from SPV with information about what you need to do to apply. If you choose to continue to work, SPV will contact you again about seven months before you reach the age of 68.

Your employer shall sign your application and send it to SPV. The application should be sent as soon as possible, but latest three months before you want to have your first payment. You also need to resign from your employment.

If you want to retire at another time, you have to contact SPV.

How you apply at

Pension from the national public pension and other sources

Besides the occupational pension from your university employment, you may get pension from other sources.

  • You apply for your national public pension from the The Swedish Pension Agency (Pensionsmyndigheten)
  • If you have been a former civil servant, or employed communal or in the municipality or county council, you may have occupational pensions also from these employments. Contact those who manages your occupational pension from you earlier employments for more information about how you apply.
  • You may also have money from own savings. To take out your savings, you have to contact those who manages your money, for example your bank or an insurance company.

For more information

The National Government Employee Pensions Board (SPV) manages our pensions administration. You can therefore get support from them about your occupational pension. You are welcome to contact SPV on telephone number 020-51 50 40 or

If you have questions about your national public pension, contact the Swedish Pensions Agency on telephone number 0771-776 776.