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Partial pension

Partial pension entails an opportunity for state employees to work less for a certain duration before retiring. The employer decides whether partial pension should be granted. Partial pension can be granted at the earliest from the age of 61 and at the latest up until the month before you turn 65.

How much money will I get with partial pension?

How much you receive as partial pension and salary depending on the per cent you work: 

If you work

The total amount you receive

50 % 80 % of your current salary
60 % 84 % of your current salary
70 % 88 % of your current salary
80 % 92 % of your current salary
90 % 96 % of your current salary

The prerequisite for partial pension is that you should work at least 50 % at the time the decision enters into force. Bear in mind that the amount which you receive as partial pension does not constitute pensionable income with the Swedish Pensions Agency. Therefore your national pension may be lower when you receive partial pension. Contact the Swedish Pensions Agency for more information on this.

Partial pension is the employer’s tool for age and expertise exchange. Therefore the application is tried by the Director of personnel following consultation with the Head of School/equivalent.

In order to apply for partial pension, fill in the form and submit it to your head of department/equivalent for further processing.

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