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In case of illness

If you become ill, it is good to know what applies for medical certificates, sick pay and compensation for hospital care and medicine. Note temporary rules regarding medical certificate and deduction. See link below.

Temporary rules

At the moment there are temporary rules for medical certificates and withdrawal deductions. Information for employees regarding the coronavirus .

Notification of illness

If you become ill, report this to your workplace on the same day. The report should be made to the immediate supervisor.

If your duration of illness is less than seven days, you report your absence in the self-reporting system when you are back at work. For longer sickness absence which requires a medical certificate, you should report this in the self-reporting system as soon as possible. You should state the same absence period as the medical certificate.

Medical certificates

If you are sick for more than seven calendar days, you need to provide a copy of a medical certificate which you sent to the payroll department and to the contact person at your school/department.

For illness which lasts more than 14 calendar days you will sent the medical certificate in orignal to:

Försäkringskassans inläsningscentral
839 88 Östersund

Sick pay and sickness allowance

From the first work day you are sick you get sick pay, from sick pay a deduction is made. In some cases you are entitled to get holiday pay for one day in connection with the deducted pay. This necessitates that you are entitled to more than 20 days of paid holiday in that calendar year. The application is conducted in the self-reporting system.

KTH provides compensation for the first 14 days, this is referred to as sick pay. Försäkringskassan takes over the responsibility when you have been sick for more than 14 days and the compensation is referred to as ‘sickness allowance’.

Compensation for medicine and hospital care

Compensation is provided for medicine with cost ceiling by the contribution and hospital care by maximum SEK 70.

If you would like compensation for prescription receipts and hospital care , go into the portal KTH for me and follow the instructions. Receipts which have been sent in should not be older than one year.

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