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Fire safety at KTH

Fire risks are a high priority among operational risks at KTH. KTH must therefore work proactively to prevent the risk of the generation of fire, and also enhance its ability to handle a fire incident or a near-accident and limit any consequences resulting from fire.

On these pages, you will be given guidance in preventive fire safety work at KTH based on KTH’s rules and the SFS perspective, in accordance with the Swedish Act on the Prevention of Accidents (LSO). You will also be provided with support in handling the operation’s flammable products on the basis of the Swedish Act on Flammable and Explosive Products (LBE).

KTH’s safety policy sets out KTH’s general priorities for fire safety work. Governance of fire safety work and how responsibility is delegated are described primarily in the instructions on fire safety work at KTH and these information pages.

KTH must organise, educate, control, document and follow up on fire safety work, and this requires administrative support and the necessary tools. These fire safety pages will provide you with checklists for internal control, stocktaking of flammable products, notification by the fire safety officer and superintendent, as well as order forms for fire safety courses.

KTH has agreements with suppliers regarding fire safety training and planning/fire safety requirements, as well as fire safety equipment. These suppliers provide specialist knowledge and offer support in KTH’s preventive fire safety work. Through these pages, we provide information about how our collaboration with these suppliers works and how services are called off.