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Update your email signature and personal profile page

Published Jan 25, 2018

Now that we’ve entered a new school organisation, we would like to remind you to update your email signature and personal profile page in KTH Social with our new organisation details.

Here is a guide for email signatures at KTH:

Guide for email signature at KTH.

Insert the school’s new name, your department’s name, your new address and position if they have changed. Skype for Business information doesn’t have to be filled in. There is also an instruction for how to import the template to Outlook.

At CBH:s new website, you can find the names of the new school and its departments.

You will find your personal profile page in the top left corner when logged in at Upload a nice profile picture and write a short summary about yourself and your work. This is extra important if you are having a position of responsibility or often need to be contacted by people.


Sabina Fabrizi
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