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Safety campaign kicks off at KTH

Christina Boman and a picture of a stcker with the text "våga fråga vem du släpper in" in Swedish
Christina Boman is Head of Security at KTH. Photo: Magnus Glans
Published Apr 09, 2024

The “Våga fråga” (dare to ask) campaign is now starting on our campuses. The campaign is part of making KTH safer and more secure. During the weekend 13-14 April, a number of young people will work to put up the stickers with the message "Dare to ask who you let in" in Swedish (“Våga fråga vem du släpper in”) above all card readers on KTH Campus. The campaign also applies to our other campuses, but there the schools themselves plan when to put up the stickers.

The purpose of the sticker is to encourage staff and students not to let in unknown people who do not have their own access card and to raise awareness at KTH about the importance of security. Theft of valuables such as computers and mobile phones must be reduced. Christina Boman, Head of Security at KTH, is responsible for the campaign.

What are my responsibilities when opening the door with my card?

Paying attention and having the courage to ask if the person behind you has an access card. Always ensure that the door closes firmly behind you once you have passed.

Where should I turn if I see unauthorised persons on the premises?

You should call KTH's emergency number 7700 (08-790 77 00).

Where will the stickers be placed?

Above each card reader throughout KTH, both indoors and outdoors.

The stickers only have text in Swedish, why?

The size of the sticker meant that there was no room for English text. Instead, the figure in the picture – a masked thief – will symbolise the text and remind even English-speaking students and staff of the importance of not letting strangers in.

Read the interview with Christina Boman, Head of Security, published in February this year.