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Contract management at CBH

Information on contract management routines for research collaboration at the CBH School.

Research contracts

The school's contract coordinator helps researchers to establish contact with KTH's lawyers at the Civil Law and Contracts unit. Contact the contract coordinator if you need help in drafting or reviewing of an agreement or when you need the head of school’s signature during the process (e.g. for the school confirmation, letters of support and letters of intent).

Contract negotiation

The Civil Law and Contracts unit  at KTH Research Support Office (RSO) drafts, reviews and negotiates contracts between KTH and companies, organizations and authorities. But before a lawyer is contacted, the case needs to be prepared at the school and registered in RSO's case management system CASE. Contact the contract coordinator with a possible contract proposal and include important information about the project, see list below. When the contract coordinator has received all the necessary information, it is forwarded to the lawyers and the case is started. Note that it can take a long time to review / negotiate an agreement, therefore it is important to provide as much information as possible from the start.

Important information to enclose:

Process description – research project with external financier

A process description that applies to most research funding agreements (from announcement of funds to signing the contract) can be found here: Process description – external funding

RSO Research Support Office

RSO Research Support Office provides special support to researchers who are coordinating EU and other collaborative projects. RSO also handles the process for e.g. research platforms and research centers.

RSO also provides information about funding opportunities and offers advice during the application process, read more about their services here: Research Support Office

Industrial Doctoral Student Agreements

Green light

Note that a so called Green light must be obtained before a doctoral student can be admitted. Read more about the Green light process here .

KTH has a contract template for industrial doctoral students, which can be obtained from the contract coordinator. If the template is completed without alterations, it can be signed by the head of school, the company and the doctoral student. If, on the other hand, adjustments are made to the template, it must be reviewed by a KTH legal counsel before signing.

Read more: Process description – industrial doctoral student agreements