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Support for labs and centres

The school's labs and centres are supported by EECS professional support (VS). Here you will find contact details to finance and HR, as well as VS' other support functions.

The Professional Support

Not sure where to turn?

Welcome to visit, call or e-mail Service center with practical and general questions about, for example, mail, courier, catering, access, guests or premises.

They also guide you right if you do not know where your question is going.

The Service centers are on-site at Borggården, Electrum and Q, but you can also reach them via e-mail, telephone and Slack.

Get in touch with Service center

The Professional support (VS) supports EECS' labs and centres in:

  • infrastructure
  • Service Center
  • finances
  • HR
  • communication
  • administration of the school's first and second cycle and third-cycle education
  • IT support.

VS' Service catalogue

Contact the Professional support

Here you will find e-mail addresses for various support functions within the school's Professional support.

E-mail addresses (funktionsadresser) to professional support and management

CASTOR Software research centre 



The Electrum laboratory (ELAB) 



PDC Center for High Performance Computing