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400 happy colleagues joined the EECS Summer event

Project manager, Alexandras’ thoughts about the EECS Summer event

Published Jun 15, 2022

Colleagues at EECS celebrated summer's arrival on 8 June with lectures, lab tours, poster festival, food and drinks. Read Alexandras thoughts on the event.

Activities varied between listening to speakers about recent research, educational presentations, taking lab tours or participating in the poster festival. Later we all gathered to have good food and drinks while listening to music created by computer algorithms by the band Music Learners of Stockholm.

I met up with Alexandra Leyton, project manager for the event and asked her about her thoughts after the event.

Planning an event is fun and challenging

 The main goal while planning the event was to gather all.
“We wanted everyone to meet and see how we are doing and what we are doing. Then to present the research and education conducted at the school, show our engaging lab environments, and finally eat a piece of good food to the music of the band that our colleagues play.”

Already in the planning stage, the event was an excellent opportunity to meet new people. 

“All divisions and departments at EECS joined forces. It was a great way to lock arms with people you’ve never met.”

The project group learned that internal communication will always take up more time than you’ve planned.
“It's a fine line between avoiding mass email and wanting everyone to feel included. However, sometimes it feels like it does not matter how many emails, articles, posters or newsletters you produce; someone will always miss the memo.”

The people that made the event

We always say that meeting everyone is the best thing. But often, just meeting one person can make the entire day.

"One of our students working the event spotted a teacher he only had met online. But the teacher had made such an impression, though he was teaching digitally, that the student was almost stunned. That was heartwarming to see."

Winners of the Poster festival

Twenty-three doctoral students participated in a poster festival, presenting their research and competing for two travel grants worth 15.000 SEK. 

Elected by the highly esteemed jury of professors; Ulrich Egert, Bo Peng, Mark Smith and Benoit Baudry, the winners were presented:

Pilar Castillo Tabia in the division of Electromagnetic Engineering, with her and Oscar Zetterströms’ poster; High-performance lens antennas for future communication systems.

César Soto Valero in the Software and Computer Systems division, with his poster; Automatic Software Debloating.