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Congratulations Johan Jansson, newly appointed Docent!

Published Jun 17, 2020

The Employment Board has appointed Johan Jansson as Docent at the Division of Computational Science and Technology (CST).

Hi Johan Jansson. Please tell us, what is your area of research?

“Digital Math - the automation of society and industry based on the scientific method in the form of computation of mathematical models which you can see, test and edit. We realize this in our automated Open Source FEniCS framework. If you are curious we present our activities and vision on

What are you most passionate about regarding your area of research?

“The Scientific Method is the basis for research and modern society, and I'm very passionate about preserving that. Today we live in an "age of disinformation", which threatens the scientific integrity of academia and education.

With our Digital Math framework anyone can predict and understand the grand challenges of science and technology, which are critical to society, and be able to determine what's true and false for themselves.

By our strong basis in the Scientific Method, we are able to achieve large impact, we are recognized at the highest level of science and industry by e.g. one of the best Formula 1 teams, NASA and IVA. Our breakthrough Real Flight Simulation makes it possible for the first time to simulate/predict stall (when wings lose lift) together with the general properties of airplanes, cars, turbines and drones, which gives safer and more efficient vehicles and machines.”

What are your plans for the next few years?

“We are now reaching the highest echelons of the industry, and in the next few years we will be ramping up our activities, where our predictive simulations are being used to design the Swedish electric aircraft of the future, we have been invited to exhibit at World Expo 2020 together with Vinnova, etc.

Our Digital Math online education is the largest online course at KTH (MOOC-HPFEM), based on a unique and effective pedagogical concept unifying abstract math with programming, thus creating motivation and solving the large problems in the education of math and programming today. We are now, supported by Vinnova, generalizing our online course to all of society in our DigiMat online education system.”

Anything that has surprised you in your recent work?

“With our breakthrough Real Flight Simulator and New Theory of Flight, it's now possible to predict and understand how an airplane flies and behaves, and any aerodynamic vehicle and device. It was not possible to predict and understand flight before, and that was very surpirsing.”

In what way is your area of research interesting for a non-researcher and for the future?

“With our Digital Math framework anyone can predict and understand the grand challenges of science and technology, and it only takes a few months to learn in our DigiMat online education system

This makes it possible to design safe and efficient aircraft, vehicles, wind turbines, medical technology, sustainable food for the future amongst other things.”

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