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Hi, Marco and Stefan!

Who delivered food to the city's shelters

Marco Mladenovic and Stefan Sundström delivered food to the city's disadvantaged
Published Dec 14, 2021

When the EECS Winter conference was transformed into a digital event, we suddenly had extra food for hundreds of people. In a joint effort – where students helped to call around to Stockholm's shelters and pack the food into boxes – it was driven out to some of the city's disadvantaged. We talked to Marco and Stefan, who personally delivered the food.

Hi Marco and Stefan! Tell us, who are you, and what do you work with when you don't deliver food to the shelters?

"I, Marco Mladenovic, am the group leader for Infrastructure on Campus. I have worked at KTH for six years."

"I, Stefan Sundström, am a caretaker at Infrastructure and have worked at KTH for 3.5 years."

How did you go about delivering 180 boxes to three different shelters?

"We got good help from students and staff at Clarion Sign to pack everything, then we filled the car with as much as we could fit. We had received addresses and telephone numbers for the various shelters where we were to deliver. 100 boxes went to the Salvation Army's shelter in Liljeholmen, 60 boxes went to the Social Services' shelter on Södermalm, and 20 boxes went to the women's refuge in Vasastan, then we filled the fridge at Borggården with the rest."

"Erik, 50 years, who lives in one of the shelters, said that this was the first luxury meal he had ever eaten."

What were the reactions when you handed over the food?

"Everyone was overwhelmed by the luxurious food, which was of much better quality than they were used to. The shelters were very grateful and lamented they didn't have more refrigerators to have received more."

"Erik, 50 years, who lives in one of the shelters, said that this was the first luxury meal he had ever eaten."

This is like EECS 'very own version of Karl Bertil's Christmas  – how did it feel to do such a good deed?

"It is a privilege to have the opportunity to help more concretely rather than just donating money to an organisation."

Last but not least, it's Christmas soon! How are you going to celebrate?

"I, Stefan, will celebrate a quiet Christmas with the family."

"And I, Marco, will also celebrate with the family. I also have the luxury of celebrating Christmas twice, one in December and one in January during Orthodox Christmas."