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How strong is your password?

4 internet safety tips

Published Apr 04, 2023

Students from our master's programme in Cybersecurity have created a list of four simple things we can do to improve our internet security. Do you follow them all?

Watch out for phishing!

Phishing is a common approach for tricking users into giving up private information or downloading viruses. Be careful when clicking links.

Use strong passwords!

Combine 3 random words with numbers or symbols that are not easily guessed or related to one another. Use different passwords for different accounts.

Keep your devices safe!

Always keep your device software up to date in order to have the best protection. Turn on automatic updates. Do not leave your devices unattended and unlocked.

Pro Tip: Enable MFA!

Multi-Factor Authentication is an extra security measure to prevent unauthorized access to your accounts. Check the settings in your account and enable MFA.


Ada Hysa

Ellinor Pulls

Emmanouil Vasilakis

Download the file

Download the Internet Safety Tips (pdf 1.6 MB)