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Get to know Natasha at HR

The University administration staff

Photo: Moa Hörnquist
Published Apr 04, 2023

She's a binge-watching series-loving mommy clown in her spare time and at work, a supportive HR administrator. Get to know Natasha Kapama at the EECS HR Unit.

Natasha Kapama enjoys her job at the school's HR unit, where she since 2019, has been supporting managers and employees with personnel-related matters. She is, among other things, the HR contact for the University administration (VS) and the HR contact person for the Division of Micro- and Nanosystems (MST).

”What I like most of my job is the social part. Having contact with so many people around the operation, everyone is lovely! In the HR unit, we are a tight-knit group who have a lot of fun together, and the other VS colleagues are brilliant. And out in the operations, many inspiring people are doing fascinating research.”

The heart of the organisation

Natasha sees the staff in a workplace as the heart of the organisation, and staff who feels well drives the organisation forward. She sees her task as an HR administrator as an essential role in this.

”The fun part of HR is supporting and helping staff. I assist the operations in HR-related matters such as recruitment, employment law, introduction and personnel administration and ensure that rules and policies are followed so the operation can focus on its research.”

”We are also crucial to our new foreign employees' introduction to KTH and Sweden. To be brand new to a country, keeping track of all the information and which authority is doing what can be overwhelming. HR will guide you through, for example, the migration process, civil registration and questions regarding opening a Swedish bank account.”

KTH is an attractive workplace

Before KTH, Natasha worked in the recruitment industry, and before that, she studied the human resources programme with a specialisation in psychology.

One of the most exciting tasks is being involved in recruitment processes and interviewing new University administration (VS) staff.

”It's fun to be part of the recruitment processes for VS. KTH is an attractive place to work, and many people apply for our positions. I enjoy being involved in finding our new stars and hear what they have done and why they came here.”

To work in HR, one should, according to Natasha, be curious, be able to build relationships, enjoy finding information, and have patience - sometimes, there are some tricky cases. You must also be interested in people and understand that people are different.

A self-proclaimed series queen and mommy clown

In her spare time, Natasha likes to do three things – goofing around with the kids, binging series and having brunch with her friends.

”I'm a self-proclaimed series queen. I've seen everything!”

Her favourite series include the Sopranos, OZ, Gomorrah and Breaking bad. And she is not satisfied with watching a good series once but repeats it at least once a year.

”However, I have not recovered from the end of Game of Thrones. There was no logic behind it. All these years spent on the series to end like this?! I'm traumatised!”

Natasha has two daughters, aged 11 and 5.

”We love Harry Potter, eat yummy stuff and live life. They are my sidekicks, and I love to prank them. We have a game where I become the "mommy clown", chasing them around the apartment, poor neighbours! I prank quite a lot, not just with the kids but with my friends too. And that's fine. Life is meant to be lived,” concludes Natasha Kapama.