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Looking for student ambassadors

Published Aug 17, 2022

Every year our student ambassadors talk to thousands of prospective students. They are one of KTH's most valuable assets in student recruitment. This year is no different. Find out what a student ambassador does, who will represent EECS this year and which programmes are missing ambassadors.

The goal of the student ambassadors is to inspire prospective students to apply to KTH. The job includes guiding those who have already decided on KTH and encouraging those who usually would not apply.

Vacant student ambassador positions for EECS 2022-2023

These are the students that will be representing EECS this year. For programmes with vacancies, we have started a new recruitment process. We will be visiting classes to increase the number of applicants. 

Recommend students to apply for vacant positions

  • National students apply for vacant positions with CV and cover letter to , by the latest 6 September. 
  • International students apply for vacant positions with CV and cover letter to , by the latest 6 September.
National student ambassadors
Programme Student ambassadors
Computer Science and Engineering (CDATE) Klara, Anas
Computer Engineering (TIDAB) vacant
Electronics and Computer Engineering (TIEDB) vacant
Electrical Engineering (CELTE) Carl, Mikaela
Information and Communication Technology (TCOMK) Alvar, Mikaela
Media Technology (CMETE) Erik M, Negar
Engineering Mathematics (CTMAT) Felix, Roni
International student ambassadors
Programme Student ambassadors
Nanotechnology (TNTEM) vacant
Communication Systems (TCOMM) vacant
Electric Power Engineering (TELPM) Dita
Machine Learning (TMAIM) vacant
Computer Science (TCSCM) vacant
Embedded Systems (TEBSM) Jixing
ICT Innovation (TIVNM) vacant
Electromagnetics, Fusion and Space Engineering (TEFRM) Ashray
Information and Networking Engineering (TINNM) Aarati, Yuqi
Information and Communication Technology (TCOMK) Kevin, Mohammadhossein
Interactive Media Technology (TIMTM) vacant
Software Engineering in Distributed Systems (TSEDM) vacant
Systems, Control and Robotics (TSERM) vacant
Cyber Security (TCYSM) vacant

 What a student ambassador does

At KTH, we have two different types of student ambassadors:

  • National student ambassadors: represent their Bachelor- or Master of Science in Engineering programme to prospective students in Sweden.
  • International student ambassadors: represent their master’s programme to students worldwide.

Social media managed by students

Follow them @KTHStudent on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

Depending on whether you are a national or international student ambassador, the job is slightly different. But these are examples of activities:

  • High-school visits
  • Educational fairs
  • Campus tours
  • Answering questions via the Ask a student project
  • Joining webinars
  • Participating in filming projects


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