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How to make purchases

– the importance of doing it right as a government body

Maria Berthelius, new purchasing manager at EECS
Published Sep 07, 2022

KTH is a government body and all employees need to know what rules apply. We have spoken with the school's new purchasing manager, Maria Berthelius. She explains, among other things, how you should buy a product or service, but also why it is so important that we do it correctly.

Hi Maria! Tell us a little about yourself and what you do at KTH.

"I started working at the Service Center in Kista. Since then, I have worked in various areas within Infrastructure and Service, from projects to events and, most recently, purchasing. I think it's fun to learn new things. I just got back from parental leave, and I'm looking forward to working as a purchasing manager."

You are taking over from Ann-Sofie Sjöberg as purchasing manager. Tell us about what you do in that role.

"As the purchasing manager, I am the school's contact person for the procurement group and support staff with purchasing. I handle everything from Wisum orders to direct procurement."

Tell me how you, as an employee, should proceed with purchases.

"Depending on the type of purchase, there are different processes. Still, regardless of the process, it is essential to remember that we are a government authority and are obliged to make correct purchases, irrespective of the amount."

"When making a purchase, it is crucial to go through the proper channels. This rule applies to everything from a small pen to a large machine. All employees at KTH have access to Wisum, KTH's purchasing system, to which many of our suppliers are connected. When your shopping cart is ready, it goes to us at service, and I complete the order for you. The exceptions are orders for computers and telephones. These purchases must go through KTH IT Support."

What does KTH's framework agreement mean?

"Sometimes, a product or service can appear cheaper than our framework agreements. Still, it is essential to remember that it is impossible to compare the prices directly. Our contracts also contain commercial requirements that may differ from the company's general requirements. We also ensure that the supplier pays taxes and fees according to the law. Also, our framework agreement suppliers have the right to claim compensation for lost income if they discover that we are making purchases on the side."

Are there other ways to go when purchasing?

"For purchases where we do not have an agreement, I help with direct procurement of the product or service up to SEK 700,000. If the sum is over that, I help contact the procurement group. If the value is greater than SEK 50,000. In that case, the purchase must have a decision, be registered, and be advertised."

"You may wonder why there are so many steps for a purchase, but it all boils down to the fact that we, as a government authority, must always be able to demonstrate that we have researched the market and exposed suppliers to competition."

How can you support that process?

"I support with information about making correct purchases, sending templates, and guiding the process. If you have any questions, please email me at . I'd rather you ask too many questions than too few."