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Summerfest filled with magic

Annika Wendell and Annica Johannesson
Published May 04, 2022

After an exciting afternoon filled with lab tours and seminars, it’s time for our school to celebrate in traditional Swedish style. We have talked to Annika Wendell from our school’s event team, who has been planning the party together with Annica Johannesson. 

Hi Annika Wendell, tell us more about the party theme?

"The party theme for this year is to celebrate the Swedish summer, and it will be a feast for the eyes and the taste buds! We will have a smorgasbord with smaller dishes for both vegetarians and meat lovers, and we will serve refreshing drinks and have rhubarb desserts and Swedish traditional strawberry cake."

The summer event will consist of seminars and lab tours. Will there be any additional program for the party?

"No, the party will be about relaxation, meeting old friends and colleagues and making new ones. Listen to good music, eat good food and hopefully win prizes. A group of researchers will play acoustic instruments, machine-generated folk music, and traditional tunes. We are about to announce who they are very soon, so stay tuned"

This will be the first time the whole school is gathered. What are your expectations?

"That everyone has a great time, that we should be proud of what we accomplished the past two years, and can meet each other again to celebrate that the summer is here!"