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6 steps to a lifelong learning course

Do you have an idea for a Lifelong learning course? This is how you go from idea to ready course.

1. Anchor the idea with the director of studies at your department.

Define the course content, level, prior knowledge and target group. You can go different ways.

  • Create a new course.
  • Course based on other courses; program courses or contract education.

Be in good time. By the end of April, you need to have applied to start courses given during the spring semester the following year. At the end of October, you apply for courses to be offered in the autumn. The exact dates may vary between schools and years. What

2. Fill in the templates for a decision on establishing a course. If you create an LL course from an existing course, you don’t have to fill in the templates again. 

In the templates (Swe) , fill in the reason for establishing a course, the syllabus and a brief description of the course, among other things. Fill in both documents "Beslut" and “Bilaga". 

The Director of Studies supplements with course code, course-giving unit, subject group, the main field of study and, if necessary, special eligibility requirements. The form is then sent to the review committee.

More about the process for establishing a new course EECS .

3. The course is reviewed and approved.

  • The Office of Education does a final review. It conveys the decision and associated attachments to the Director of First and Second Cycle Education, GA, and Head of School, who sign the decision.
  • The Education Office registers data in Ladok.
  • The Education Office enters course information in Kopps.
  • The syllabus is published in the course and program catalogue at
  • The course will be announced on during the next round of applications. The application periods are the same as for programs.

4.  Create the schedule document in Kopps. The exact times that apply to LL courses as for program courses. Submit schedule documents .

5. Promote your course. You can get help from the school's communicators.

The Communications Department can advise on how best to market your course and help you produce marketing materials. Email .

6. Now your very own course is underway! Enjoy meeting professionals and people with a thirst for knowledge.