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Tips for the newsletter pEECS

The newsletter pEECS is a weekly newsletter, distributed to all of the school's employees. Want to share your news in the newsletter? We have put together a guide on how you can easily proceed.

Keep in mind that your content should either be tailored to the entire school, or to the target groups of teachers, researchers, research students or professional support.

1. The deadline for content in pEECS is Monday 13:00, the same week

In order to plan the weekly PEECS please:

  • submit a suggestion for the headline
  • two sentences in English, so we know what your content is about.

2. Deadline for finished material is Tuesday 13:00 the same week

  • Text in English and Swedish for news we can add to the news feed on EECS internal pages or…
  • Link to finished content/web page /article in both English and Swedish.
  • A relevant picture if you have, or idea for a picture. 

3. More about pEECS

  • pEECS can be targeted to different target groups, such as operational support, departments, doctoral students and teachers. This means that in the same newsletter, we can chose to target certain news to a selected target group. This way, the content becomes more relevant and more people read the letter.
  • pEECS is distributed every Thursday morning (unless it is a bank holiday or winter/summer break).
  • The communication unit posts the material on the intranet, except on the pages who have other editors.

Send your content to: