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The school's channels

EECS has access to several communication channels that reaches different groups. Below is a list of all channels and their respective target groups.

EECS' channels to reach employees

To reach employees at EECS, the following internal channels are used:

The intranet

Routines, contact information, news and other EECS specific information for employees can be found on the internal pages. 

EECS' intranet

Newsletter pEECS

The school's newsletter pEECS is sent every Thursday to employees at EECS. pEECS gathers what you as an employee need to know and can be interested in. It contains information from the school's management, about events, seminars and joint meetings, changed routines, etcetera, but it gives also a glimpse of what your colleagues at the school do within research, education and collaboration.

Newsletter pEECS

The head of school blog

The head of school blogs about topics that concerns us at the school.

The head of school blog


The school uses Slack as an internal communication channel. Different types of channels are used for different types of information, for example #eecs-general. You can also create your own channels for you and your colleagues.

Slack at EECS

KTH's internal channels

KTH offer the following internal channels: 

Channels to reach outside KTH

The external channels are used to reach target groups outside KTH, for example funders, researchers at other universities, media and potenial students.

EECS' external website

The external website contains an overall description of activities at the school. More indepth information ca be found of the webpages of divisions and research centres.

Here, we also post news articles about the school's research. 

EECS' external website

KTH's external channels

KTH are in charge of the following external channels: