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Booking EECS' kitchens for events

If you would like to use an EECS kitchen for an event, this is how you go about it.

Which kitchens may I book?

No EECS kitchen may be booked exclusively for an event. They are always available to EECS staff. They may however be booked so that two major events do not take place in the same kitchen at the same time. The most commonly used kitchens for this purpose are:

  • The kitchen at Teknikringen 31-33, level 3
  • The kitchen in Electrum, level 3

How do I book a kitchen?

Send an email to

What booking conditions apply?

  • EECS school kitchens and adjoining areas may be used for events where at least one EECS employee is the host and present during the whole event.
  • During the event, EECS staff may frequent and use the premises.
  • The host is responsible for:
    • Ensuring that only invited guests are let in during the event.
    • Ensuring that the premises are restored to the same condition after the event as before the event, including e.g.
      • Making sure all furniture is placed where it should be.
      • Disposing of trash in designated containers.