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Kitchen service

In the school's kitchens you may heat and eat your lunch and relax with a cup of coffee. Here you will information on what applies to the school's kitchens.

Kitchen supplies

The infrastructure and service unit ensures that the kitchens at the school all have the following standardized supplies and equipment:

  • Coffee (machine and/or brewer).
  • Kettle + tea according to a standard selection.
  • Fridge (sometimes freezer).
  • Coffee condiments: sugar and milk.
  • Microwave oven(s).

Fruit and milk

Fruit baskets and milk are generally delivered twice per week to most of the school's kitchens. 


Basic cleaning is done on a daily basis, which includes floors and surfaces as well as emptying garbage. In addition, the following is done:

  • Cleaning of microwave ovens once a week.
  • Cleaning of the refrigerators once a month.

Own responsibility

The kitchens are a part of our communal space and everyone's responsibility. Take care you clean up after yourself and do not leave dirty dishes in the sink or elsewhere. It is up to all of us to load and unload the dishwashers and start them once they're full. 

Anything extra?

Divisions may have additions to the standard range, such as espresso machines or carbonated water. This is then paid for and managed by the division itelf.  


Is there anything missing in your kitchen? Contact