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Locker rooms

At some divisions there are large bathrooms with showers. Here you will find the dedicated locker rooms at our school.

Borggården and Q (KTH Valhallavägen)

Malvinas väg 10, level 2

  • Room A:230 
  • Hooks and shower
  • Access with room key

Teknikringen 33, level 2

  • One room for men and one for ladies
  • Benches, lockers, toilets, showers and sauna

Teknikringen 14, level 1

  • One room for men and one for ladies

  • Benches, hooks, toilets and shower

Electrum (KTH Kista)

The locker rooms are located on level 2, behind Aula A (Östen Mäkitalo). All employees have access to the locker rooms. They are equipeed with benches, toilets and showers. It isn't possible to store your things there overnight, but there are hooks for hanging your clothes during a work out or similar.

Map showing where the locker rooms in Electrum are located.