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KTH VPN for macOS

When you are outside the KTH network and need access to KTH resources, such as file servers or administrative system, you can access the KTH network through VPN (Virtual Private Network).

KTH VPN only works for active (registered) employees and students.
You can read more about the service here:

You need to download and configure the VPN client in order to use VPN

  1. download the VPN client from the following KTH web page:
  2. configure the client by starting it (Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobile Client) and connect to
  3. get your network secret from  and save in your password manager. The VPN client doesn't save your password, so you will have to enter it when you connect to VPN, so using a password manager or the Keychain Access app makes it easier for you.

To connect to the VPN service

When you connect to the service you use your KTH.SE user name ( and the network secret above..

When you are connected you will se status and statistics for the service in the menu bar.

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Last changed: Dec 16, 2019