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Meeting Checklist

Below you will find some general tips and questions to ask yourself as a meeting organiser in preparation for the video conference.

Checklist for the meeting organizer


  • What type of video conference is necessary for the meeting: Select a solution for digital meetings  
  • How many other locations will participate in the video conferencing?
  • Who are the organizers at the other participating locations, and what is the time difference between locations?
  • Will anyone show a presentation?

HD Video Conferencing

  • Do you need to book a studio at your department or one of the common studios offered by KTH?
  • Do you have any preferences about how you want the Video Conferencing studio to be arranged?
  • Do you know how the connection will be made (direct call between two systems or do you need to use a virtual meeting room that is able to host multiple participants)?
  • Who is the technical support person at the other locations?
  • Which IP or SIP address does your system and the connecting partner systems have?
  • When connecting to a location for the first time, set up a test meeting a couple of days prior to ensure that there are no technical issues with, e.g. firewalls .

Web meeting

  • Do you know how to create a meeting room?
  • What functionalities are to be used during the meeting?
  • Do you have a well working ?

Checklist for meeting participator

Here are some general tips and questions to ask yourself when you are going to participate in a video conference.  

  • Who is the meeting organizer?
  • What equipment do you need in order to join the meeting?
  • Do you want to do anything that might prove difficult in a Video Conferencing context (eg use a whiteboard, or PowerPoint, move around a lot)?
  • Do you need to talk anything over with your technical contact?

General Tips

  • When planning the start time for your video conference, please allow a few minutes to allow any technical problems to be overcome.
  • If you are going to participate in a video conference from your computer, please connect using your network cable instead of using a wireless network, since this will improve the quality of the connection.
  • When joining a meeting from your computer, it is recommended that you either use a headset or keep your microphone muted in order to avoid sending out disruptive background noise.

Support: If you need any help, please e-mail