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Attach an unwanted e-mail to KTH IT-Support

About attaching unwanted e-mails

Attach the unwanted e-mail as attachment.
To report a phishing attempt or spam e-mail to KTH IT-Support, please attachment the unwanted message as attachment. By sending the e-mail as attachment give a better base for those who are taking care of the case (it contains the mail header, attachments and the text).

This manual shows how it's done in the KTH webmail, but it can also be done the same way in many e-mail programs. If you don't know how to perform this operation in your e-mail program, use the webmail as described below.

  1. Open  in your web browser.
    If you are using Windows with Outlook, you can do this directly in Outlook. Go down to Outlook further down on this page.
  2. Double-click on the e-mail you received from us, it will open in a separate window and choose reply.
  3. Or create a new e-mail and click the symbol below to open in a separate window up to the right, if you have not contacted us before regarding this unwanted e-mail. Send it to
  4. Arrange the windows side by side.
  5. Find the unwanted e-mail and drag and drop it in the message you are writing to us. It will be added as an attachment.
  6. Write the text you want to send to us.
  7. Click om the Send button to send the e-mail to us.


If you are using Windows and Outlook, you can do the above directly in Outlook.

  1. Open the e-mail you got from us in a separate window by double clicking on the e-mail from us in the list of e-mails in your Outlook.
  2. Click the reply button.
  3. Go back to the list of e-mails in your inbox.
  4. Click and hold left mouse button on the unwanted e-mail, and drag it in over the e-mail you opened in a separate window (the e-mail you want to send to us).
  5. Release the mouse button when the arrow/mail is over the e-mail you want to send. By dropping it inside this e-mail, it will be added as attachment.
  6. Then you can just send it to us.