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Extract the mail header in Outlook

Quick reference guide on how to extract the mail header in Outlook on Windows.

To be able to trace an e-mail the e-mail letterhead must be shown.

If you receive some suspicious e-mail and want to report it to the e-mail group or to the security department, the unwanted e-mail must always be attached.

But there may be other situations where you should attach just the e-mail header, when it comes to troubleshooting, for example, for delayed e-mails.

Extract e-mail header in Outlook

  1. Start Outlook and double-click on the suspicious e-mail so that it opens in a window of its own
  2. Open the e-mail on the Message Ribbon and click on File and click on Info and click onProperties
  3. When next dialog box opens, select and copy all the text in Internet headers
  4. Paste the text in the e-mail you intend to report and send it to .

Extract source code

  1. Open the e-mail on the Message Ribbon and click on Actions and then to Other Actions and click on View Source
  2. It invokes Notepad and shows the full html source
  3. Save the created text file and attache it to the e-mail. Send it to .