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Personal menu

The Personal menu is visible at the top of the website after you log in to It contains a collection of services and settings connected to your KTH account. On this page you will find more information about the Personal menu.

What does the Personal menu contain?

Below are presented the functions (link texts or icons) that you see in the Personal menu.

Your name

Under your name, you will find “My details” and “My settings”. Here you can access settings for your personal profile page on KTH's website , subscriptions (My schedule), export My schedule (e.g. to mobile phone), wireless network and change password.


Here you see schedule events created in one of the functions: Group webs, programme webs or course webs. You who study or teach will see a lot of events as they are retrieved from different systems and gathered in one place.

Here you can find links to the entire schedule, as well as more information about the schedule and which settings you can make.


Links to the courses you are registered for are shown here. If you have some courses you visit more often, you can mark them as favourites. See below under the heading “Favourite mark your courses/programmes/groups” how to proceed.


Links to all the programmes you subscribe to are shown here. If you want to stop subscribing to a programme, you can do so in the subscription settings or directly on the programme page. Here you can create your own groups and get links to groups you subscribe to. If you want to stop subscribing to a group, you can do so in the subscription settings or directly on the group page.


Here you can create your own groups and have links to groups you subscribe to. You are able to unsubscribe from a group in the subscription settings or directly on the group page.

Mark your courses/programmes/groups as favorite

Tap the star symbol next to the name of the person you want to favourite. Under the favourites tab, these will then be displayed.


Here you can create a list of the services you use frequently in your work. A number of selected services will be posted automatically for all employees. For the services where the authorization is set up via UG (KTH's database for managing users and privileges), those who have system authorization will automatically have them listed in their “Services” menu.

You can choose which services should appear in your Personal menu by going to “Select services” (the gear wheel to the right of “Other selected services”). Here is brief information about each service with further links. Here you can tick off the service from your list. Some services require special authorization, which you must apply for separately.

This is how you select services in the Personal menu


In the top right corner of the Personal menu, there are three clickable icons:

  • Webmail
  • News feed – collection of posts, events, recent edits made in programmes and groups you subscribe to
  • Direct notifications – notifications from the course webs, programme webs and groups.

Does the Personal menu differ if you are a student or an employee?

There are slight differences between how the menu looks for employees and students. Employees can view and select several services in the service's menu. You who are a doctoral student can see the courses where you have the role “student”. If you also teach, you still have the student view. This is something that will change in ongoing development work of the Personal menu.

Information for students can be found on Student web's information about the Personal menu .