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Introduction to IT at KTH

On these pages, you will find relevant information on the KTH IT environment that is useful for you as a new employee.

KTH Account

Your KTH account is the personal identity in the KTH central user database. The KTH account is used to access IT-services and systems at KTH.

Read more about KTH Account .

E-mail and Calendar

Employees and students at KTH have their own KTH e-mail address.

Read more about E-mail and Calendar .


Employees at KTH have access to different softwares.

Learn more about how to install software

IT Workplace

IT Workplace is a service at KTH for a computer workplace with KTH installed Windows, Mac or Ubuntu.

Read more about the IT Workplace .


At KTH, we use both fixed and wireless networks.

Read more about Network  at KTH. 

Read more about VPN at KTH , when you do not work on a Campus but need to access some KTH specific resources.

Save your files

There are different ways to save and access your files as an employee at KTH. In addition, there is also possibility of built-in backup.

Read more about saving  and backup your files .


KTH provides various printing options for employees.
The printers are available around KTH.

Read more about Printing  at KTH.

Learning Management System (Canvas)

Canvas is the "virtual classroom" where teachers can collect course materials, communicate with students, handle assignments and exams and more.

Read more about Canvas  .

Personal menu

If you log in to, you will get access to a personal menu, where you can access many of KTH's services.

Read more about the Personal menu .


KTH provides various services in telephony, for fixed and mobile telephony, as well as certain broadband services.

Read more about Telephone Services  at KTH.

Access Card

As an employee at KTH, you need an access card to be able to enter buildings and locked doors on campus.

Read more about how to obtain your access card  on access to KTH premises.

Contact KTH IT-Support

If you want to contact IT support, you will find information at Contact KTH IT-Support .