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Development Project - New Personal menu

During 2022–2023, work is in progress to review the Personal menu to better meet user needs. At the same time, we review the underlying technology to improve manageability. The goal is to launch the new version in early 2023. On this page you can read more about project.

Project goals

When the project is completed, KTH will have a new, technically updated version of the Personal menu. The new Personal menu will be launched for KTH's teachers in phase 1. The current tab "Courses" will be separated into two new tabs: "Studies", for courses where the user has the role of a student and "Education", where the user has a teaching role.

Performance goals

KTH's Personal menu will be more manageable as the technology is part of KTH's usage cycle for recommended development languages. By switching to a modern technology, the project enables faster development and opens up access to a broader and deeper competence at KTH.

The updated Personal menu will consist of several smaller parts, which will simplify the possibility for further development. By dividing the "Courses" function into courses where the user is a student and where the user has a teaching role, we enhance the possibility to meet the needs of each user group, instead of trying to meet the needs of both groups in one and the same view/function.


Latest news!

On May 3, the Personal Menu will be updated. For those of you who either study or teach, this means that the "Courses" tab is replaced by two new ones: "Studies" and "Teaching". .


The personal menu is KTH's support for employees and students to easily find a selection of KTH's functions and services. It is available if you log in with your KTH account as a menu bar at the top of the browser window on and on many other of KTH's digital services. The aim is for the user to quickly find their KTH services. For instance, both students and teachers have shortcuts to their course rooms in Canvas. Teachers have shortcuts to services and various digital supports for teaching.

Need for better user experience

KTH has used and further developed the Personal Menu since 2012 and, during that time, has worked with needs collection in various ways. During the development of the Personal menu, we will make adjustments in terms of design and function to meet users' needs.

Need for better manageability

The current Personal menu is created in Django, a framework that only a few people at KTH's IT department have competence in. The updated Personal menu will be written in Node.js, a code language that has a significantly larger competence base within the E-learning management object but also at the IT department in general.

Project organisation

The project is conducted within the education portfolio's E-learning Management object.

Customer and project owner

  • Bo Sundin (IT department, Property owner E-learning)

Steering group

  • Bo Sundin (Object owner E-learning)
  • Stefan Stenbom (Object owner E-learning, ITM, Digital learning)

Project group

  • Carlos Saito (IT Department)
  • Martin Löfgren (IT department)
  • Rasmus Kaj (IT department)
  • Sebastian Ware (IT Department)
  • Alex Alexandersson (ITM, Digital learning)


If you have questions, please contact .