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KTH Ubuntu

KTH Ubuntu is the Linux-based version of IT-Arbetsplatsen. It is a centrally managed Linux platform, available both for desktop and server use.

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The desktop variant is used in computer lab rooms, and on personal workstations or resource machines, and the server variant is used for timesharing machines (aka shell servers, login servers) and for project servers.

You log in using your KTH.SE account. Home directories are in AFS. However, local storage, SMB shares and other network storage can of course also be used.

Remote access is available using SSH (see list of timeshare servers ). We recommend using Kerberized SSH (GSSAPI), see instructions for remote acccess .

KTH Ubuntu is based on long term support (LTS) releases of Ubuntu. The current version is 20.04. (The earlier 18.04-based version is also in use, until machines can be upgraded or replaced.)

Note: Labroom machines must use a version that is supported by standard applications such as COMSOL Multiphysics and Matlab, at the start of the school year. They may therefore lag behind the latest LTS.

Standard applications

 When you log in you are met by the GNOME desktop environment.

Applications are launched from the Dash bar, on the left of the screen below. To find applications not in the Favorites list, use the grid button at the bottom. If you start typing the name, only applications with a matching name (or description) will be shown.

For more information, see The official Ubuntu Desktop Guide  which has an introduction to the GNOME 3 Shell  (the graphical environment in GNOME).

In addition to Ubuntu's standard applications, KTH Ubuntu also provides KTH licenced software such as Matlab, COMSOL Multiphysics, etc. For more information, see

Software in KTH Ubuntu

Default desktop in Ubuntu