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Finding VPN IP Address – KTH Windows

If you have a KTH Windows computer and work outside KTH and the computer is connected with VPN, KTH IT-Support can connect to it by knowing what the computer's VPN IP address is.

To make this possible, your computer must first be connected to the VPN on KTH Windows . Then follow these four simple steps below to find out your computer's IP address:

  1. Click the Windows start button and open the Computer Information program, which is located under the heading KTH Windows Applications and has a KTH logo as an icon.
  2. The IP address next to VPN IPAddress is the one you need to give us. The address must be in the format 130.237.xx.xx

Note! Everytime you connect to VPN, you will get a new VPN IP-address. 

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Last changed: Apr 11, 2022