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SWAMID Service Definition

WebSSO at KTH Royal Institute of Technology authenticates users with electronic identities, aligning with SWAMID's framework, ensuring personal data integrity, guaranteeing service availability, and offering dedicated support channels for queries and issues.

General description of WebSSO

The service provides authentication of users which have an electronic idenitity at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, together with release of attributes pertaining to the authenticated user. The provider of the service/higher educational institution is a member of SWAMID, the Swedish identity federation for Research and higher education. The service has been deployed in accordance with SWAMID’s policy framework.

Policy for personal integrity

The service adheres to the policy for the handling of personal data ( link to policy ) which has been published by KTH Royal Institute of Technology in accordance with Swedish law.

The service and limitations of service

KTH Royal Institute of Technology undertakes to guarantee the availability of the service in accordance with KTH Royal Institute of Technology’s requirements and expectations. KTH Royal Institute of Technology follows SWAMID’s recommendations for release of attributes based upon entity categories. KTH Royal Institute of Technology reserves the right, in agreement with a service provider, to change the actually released attributes for the current service, regardless of what is recommended by the entity category for which the service provider is approved.

Service and support

Questions and faults regarding KTH Royal Institute of Technology and it’s WebSSO service should be directed to the following local support channels:

Telephone: 08-7906600



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Last changed: Oct 23, 2023