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KTH provides software to meet the software needs of employees and the education in computer labs, for shared and personal computers.
The aim is a wide selection of licensed software at good prices for KTH and the user.

Software at KTH

KTH provides software for employees and students through procurement, purchase and distribution of software. The aim is a wide selection of software, low costs for KTH and the user, simple installation and high conformity to license agreements.

If you need some software we recommend you to always contact us. In our selection you can usually find what you need or something equivavelent, which saves you both time and money to get it obtained and installed on your computer.

When you need software

  1. Check if we already have a license for the software you want. If we don't have the license yet we often have favorable purchasing agreements to buy it. Licenses for software
  2. Chek if the software you need ia already available on your computer. You can install it by yourself. Install software
  3. If the software is not available please order the software you want. We make sure that you get the correct license and make the administration of the purchase easy for you. Order software
  4. When we have the software we make it available for you. It can often be done through a self service app on your computer, so you don't have to leave the computer to us for installation.