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When you need a software, make sure that licenses are available for the software you intend to use. You also need to know if your KTH computer is managed by the IT department and and installed as IT-Workplaces, or if it is a stand alone computer.

If your computer is installed with IT-Workplace

If your computer is installed with KTH Mac, KTH Windows or KTH Ubuntu, you can find and install available software by yourself:

Install software

If the software is not available at an IT-Workplace computer, you can order software installation:


KTH Ubuntu

KTH Windows

If your computer is stand alone (self-managed)

Download software from KTH Software download:

KTH Software Download

If you computer is your private

As a rule, KTH owned software may not be installed on a private computer or hardware unless expressly stated in the license terms of the manufacturer or that it is governed by the license agreement.

Read more about KTH Software for private use

Software procurement

Software procurement

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