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FAQ Microsoft 365

Frequently asked questions and answers about Microsoft 365.

Check if Microsoft 365 is already on your computer

First of all check if Office 365 or MS Office with previous version such as 2010, 2013 installed on your computer. Uninstall Office 365 or any other MS Office before proceeding with the installation of Microsoft 365 with KTH license.

If you happen to install Microsoft 365 over an existing MS Office, the installation will break. It is very difficult to clean a broken installation of MS Office and you may have to reinstall your computer regardless of Windows or Mac.

Make sure to also log out of any program related to MS Office 365 or MS Office.

What programs does Microsoft 365 contain?

The list of programs included in the Microsoft 365 can be found on Programs included in Microsoft 365 .

Why are there no apps in my Microsoft 365?

Some web browsers as well as new version of them for example, Edge in Windows 10 and Opera in iOS cause this problem.

Try another web browser Firefox or Chrome.

Which web browser can I use with Microsoft 365?

Internet Explorer 10/11 and the latest versions of Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox are supported. Internet Explorer 8 and 9 are not supported (information valid on 2014-11-01).

More details on web browser support: Microsoft 365 and Microsoft 365 platform service description ( .

Why I can not see the Sign-up box?

You should first logon to  and then the box will appear.

What is my Microsoft 365 account name? (and when do I need to use it?)

While using Microsoft 365 for Students, you might see that your Microsoft 365 account name is should not be confused with your e-mail box at KTH,, which you access as usual throgh

When am I eligible for using Microsoft 365 for Students?

The service is available for all active students at KTH, and will be activated as soon as you are registered as an active student at KTH (through LADOK).

As an active student follow this link to sign-up for KTH Microsoft 365:

Do I need activation code or license key to activate MS Office?

You will not need any activation key or licens code. Your Microsoft 365 will be activa as long as you are active student at KTH.

Is Microsoft 365 mandatory?

No. Microsoft 365 is an optional service for students.

Does it cost me anything?

No, the service is free-of-charge for students at KTH. KTH has enabled this service, but the student must actively login to start using the service, and therefor accept the agreement with Microsoft.

Can I change my Microsoft 365 password?

No, since it is the same password you use to logon to you KTH account. In other word change password Change password of your KTH account

Can I use the Microsoft Office applications offline?

Yes, you can use Excel, Word, PowerPoint and the other applications in the Office suite when you are offline. However, you need to be online with your unit at least once every 30 days for the software to be activated. If this is not fulfilled, the applications will be reduced in terms of functionality.

Can I save files directly to my OneDrive storage?

Yes, you can save files to OneDrive if you're an employee or student

Can I use OneNote

Yes, now that OneDrive is available to employees and students, you can use OneDrive. For instructions on using OneNote with OneDrive, visit the Microsoft website.

Can I use Microsoft 365 on my mobile devices?

Yes, Microsoft 365 works on iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows phones. Microsoft 365 does not work on Android tablets. For more details on functionality support on the various mobile devices:

Compare how different mobile devices work with Microsoft 365 (

You can use Microsoft 365 on up to 5 devices. In your Microsoft 365 portal, you can see which devices you have Office installed on.

Who do I turn to if I have question about Microsoft 365?

For Help and Support, you can use the internal Help functions in the applications (question mark in the top right corner). You will also be able to find help online, at the Microsoft Online Support

How do I change the language in Office Online?

Because the files used in Office Online are stored in OneDrive, the language needs to be changed there.

Here is a guind on how to Change language in KTH OneDrive

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