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Adobe Creative Cloud

To install Acrobat Pro DC and Adobe CCE in accordance to KTH's license agreement, you first need to install the Adobe Creative Cloud app and place an order for the CCE license.

You can find information about the new .

If you need to install Adobe Acrobat DC Pro you do not need to order a license, go to step 2 in the procedure below.

To access Adobe's other programs, you first need to order a license for the Adobe CCE suite.

You make the order through authorized purchasers  at each school. The order is made through the Ordering Portal  for IT Services.

Once your license order is registered, you will receive a confirmation e-mail, then proceed to step 2 in the routine below.

How to install the new Adobe software

1. Uninstall all Adobe programs by downloading and running Adobe uninstallation package.

Adobe CC Cleaner Tool for macOS

Adobe CC Cleaner Tool for Windows

2. Download and install the Adobe Creative Cloud App

3. Log in with your Company or School Account  (your KTH account)

4. Install Adobe program