Voice controlled reference

Refer your contact easily through voice!

Now you can simply refer your reference by only remembering one whole telephone number instead of reference codes!

Call contact 8889

Then register the activity you want, for example lunch or meeting

If you do not tell the time to be back a default time will be registered.

You can place an activity either through a connecting sentence according to:

From- To

You can also say “Tommorrow” or “on” instead of a date, for example “ to Tuesday”.

Dates are written day-month.

For example: Lunch to twelve thirty, meeting from Thursday at 13.00 to 16.00

To delete an ongoing reference call 8889 and tell delete and then answer “yes” to the question if you want to delete the current activity. All of your present activities will be deleted and you will get an opportunity to register a new activity.

The service Activity registry is voice controlled, which can be new and unusual. Here are some tips to ease the use of the service and increase the recognition level.

. Do not speak too slowly! The best recognition is if you speak clearly, in normal pace without pause. Speaking too slowly will give worse result.

. You don’t have to wait! The good side of talking with a computer is that you don’t need to be nice and finish listening. It is ok to pause.

. Say repeat to hear the previous question

. Say Cancel to restart the dialouge

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