Calender connection

Calendar Connection enables you to turn off your phone during the time when you are booked on an appointment in Outlook.

If you do not want to turn off your phone during the booked time, you can specify this option when booking. If you delete an appointment from Outlook, the automatic phone turn off function will be taken off from the phone.

When you book an appointment or task in Outlook, your phone will be turn off. Your status in the CMG will be marked as "busy". All activities in Outlook marked "Busy" in "Show time as" transferred automatically to the CMG and displayed for operator and the Office Web as a "meeting" unless you chose otherwise as default.

Activities that are marked as Free or Tentative can also be displayed but you must change the settings in Office Web.

Activities marked as absent turn off the phone the same way as activities ¨Busy¨. The settings for the absent can not be changed in the Office Web.

NOTE! Calendar link does not work vice versa, references that are registered directly from the phone or in-office Web does not appear in Outlook.

You can also add a direct reference in the subject line, then the correct reference will be showed to operator/Office Web. for example when you leave the office for the day. Write subject "Left for the day" Note that the system is sensitive to misspellings and lower / upper case.

These can be used as keywords informations in Outlook: Lunch break, Left for the day, Away from desk, Meeting, Business trip, Lecture, Vacation, Leave of absence, Back soon., Sick-Leave, InConference.

You can use "Private" when you book personal meetings in Outlook. The text on the subject line will not be visible to the operator or in the office web. Note that visibility of the subject line can be set thru web office.

Office web: Under my settings / Change calendar settings set what will be visible to operator and searches in the office Web.

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