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Roaming outside of EU/EES

Send SMS to 243 for activating.

When you go to a new country outside of the EU/EES you will always receive an SMS with information of what it costs to make a call, send SMS and MMS and surf online. Tele2 has a favorable mobile surf package for most of the countries in the world.

To avoid high roaming costs use Wifi if possible.

In order to be able to have a roamingsurf package when you are abroad you need a dataroaming activated and if you have an iPhone the EU- internet should be off. All roamingsurf packages are valid for 14 days from the activation date and if you active the package and dont use it are vaild for six month.

If you want to call or surf at a lower price with your company mobile phone abroad then we recommend you to purchase one of the roaming-/ mobile surf packages we offer. Contact teleservice for activation of roaming packages for companies.

To lower the risk of high costs it is good to turn the mobile off from roaming when you go outside the EU/EES. Roaming means that you use your mobile phone outside of Tele2’s network and borrow another country’s operator’s network so the costs will be high. To avoid costs completely you should temporarily turn off the datatraffic and MMS.

Always check Tele2’s homepage of the cost per minute/MB before you go abroad!

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Last changed: Jun 20, 2019