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Roaming within EU/EEA

New rules will make it easier for you to use the mobile phone when you are in another EU/EEA country.


As of June the 16th 2017, new legislation on roaming in the EU/EEA area will be added. This means that you can call, send SMS/MMS and browse the country you are in, to other EU/EEA countries and to Sweden at no additional cost. Everything to simplify your mobile usage while on the move while avoiding surprises on the invoice.

What is roaming?
Using a mobile network that does not belong to your carrier is called roaming. This means that your mobile phone is switched from one telecom operator's network to another when outside Sweden.

Data traffic
How much you can surf in another EU/EEA country is based on a Fair Usage Policy. Subscriptions with data packets up to 20 GB per month can surf just like at home. Subscriptions with data packets of more than 20 GB can surf up to 20 GB per month within the EU/EEA.
If your surf would end when you're abroad, you'll get an offer to buy additional data. The additional data you buy will be valid both in Sweden and in the EU/EEA.

NOTE! The new rules do NOT apply to our mobile broadband for touchpads and computers.

Call from Sweden to another country (EU/EEA or the rest of the world)
To call, send SMS/MMS from Sweden to another EU/EEA country called an international call. These types of conversations are not part of EU regulation but are handled in the same way as it does today.
However, you can call another Swedish number (+46) located within the EU/EEA at no additional cost. You only pay for a local call within Sweden and the person in another EU/EEA country uses roaming to receive your call.

Call from another EU/EEA country to Sweden
If you are in an EU/EEA country outside Sweden and call, send SMS/MMS to Sweden or another EU/EEA country, then count it as a roaming call. The same costs and conditions apply as if you call, send SMS and MMS locally in Sweden.

If you have a mex (mobile extension) then you are available on both your 08-790 and mobile number when you are abroad, but you can not call shortnumbers (extension numbers)