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Support for ITM's researchers

As a researcher at ITM, there is help available both from KTH centrally as well as from the library and ITM. It might be anything from finding a call to applying for funding or communicating your results. Here we have collected links to information that you may find useful.

KTH's support for researchers

KTH has gathered all research support in one place, and here you will find everything from courses to research funding.

  All KTH's research support

The library's support for doctoral students and researchers

Support from the ITM School

At the ITM School, we provide support with research application and contract management, finance, and communication of your results. We also list calls for funding directed at you who work at ITM. 

Funding calls for ITM

  • Scholarship from the ITM school's foundations: Application in October yearly.
  • Jernkontorsfonden för Bergsvetenskaplig Forskning: Application in October yearly.
  • Scholarship from the Olle Eriksson's foundation for materials science: Application four times per year.
  • KTH's overview of scholarships
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Last changed: Jan 12, 2022