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SCI competence centers - hubs of research and cooperation

Illustration: Jens Magnusson
Published Jun 16, 2023

The SCI School hosts ten competence centers that all play a crucial role in fostering collaboration, driving innovation, and bridging the gap between academia and industry. To highlight their work, we will soon launch a series of articles in the school’s monthly newsletter and present you their respective research areas, ongoing projects as well as collaborative achievements.

The school's competence centers facilitate interdisciplinary research and provide invaluable opportunities for faculty members and students alike. We have asked Head of School Sandra di Rocco to shed light on their importance and impact.

Why is it important for the SCI School to have competence centers?

portrait of Sandra di Rocco
Sandra di Rocco

The research conducted at SCI School covers a wide range of subjects, spanning from highly theoretical areas to industrially relevant studies. Through our centers, we facilitate the collaboration of researchers from diverse departments, schools, and backgrounds, enabling them to connect around shared interests. This collaborative environment fosters innovation, making it easier to ignite ideas that would otherwise be challenging to spark.

How do these centers contribute to the school's strategic goals and vision?

As I mentioned earlier, our school excels in a wide spectrum of research subjects, ranging from fundamental research to practical applications. I believe the true strength lies in our commitment to excellence throughout this entire spectrum. By fostering expertise across diverse areas, we create a dynamic environment where the interactions between fundamental research and applications are valued and nurtured. The centers play a pivotal role in supporting and further enhancing this comprehensive excellence.

Could you give us an example to illustrate the centers' collaborative approach?

One notable initiative is our latest interim center, QTH: the hub for Quantum Technology. The primary objective of this center is to foster the growth and collaboration within the quantum community at KTH. It aims to expand beyond the highly successful and specialized group in the Department of Applied Physics to incorporate a more theoretical focus from the Department of Physics and even the School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health (CBH), a computational perspective from the Department of Mathematics and the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), and more. This expansion will also offer new opportunities for the existing master specialization in Quantum Technology to grow. Additionally, by coordinating with potential quantum spin-offs, there is an exciting potential to further enhance innovation aspects in this field.