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About the Schools' Faculty Boards

Faculty Boards are the schools' collegial and decision-making bodies. Each school has a faculty board consisting of the head of school as chair, six teacher representatives, one of whom is the vice-chair, two external representatives and two student representatives. The term of office for Faculty Boards is from 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2026.

The Faculty Board's Responsibilities and Tasks

According to the rules of procedure at KTH, the Faculty Board shall have overall responsibility within the school for

  • long-term development of education and the conditions for research in relation to KTH's vision and overall goals,
  • follow-up and development of quality within the framework of KTH's quality system, and
  • collegial support and establishing forms of collegial exchange across the school's areas of activity, subjects and research disciplines.

The president decides what is included in the responsibilities of the Faculty Board and what other tasks the boards should have. Faculty Boards may also have tasks decided by the Head of School.

According to the delegation order for KTH, the School Faculty Boards shall also

  • participate in the school's operational planning,
  • participate in the preparation of principles for resource allocation within the school,
  • ensure opportunities for collegial exchange within the school regarding the issues for which the board is responsible.

Decisions by the Schools’ Faculty Boards:

The president has delegated certain decisions in education to the Faculty Boards. The School’s Faculty Board decides, among other things, on programme syllabus and official course syllabuses in qualifying programme and for first-cycle and second-cycle education, as well as on doctoral programmes, and general syllabuses for third-cycle education.

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